A seed germinating

How Great Thou Art Church Bulletin Template

The seeds of your next life

are germinating now,

gathering their inherent energies,

drinking from deep pools

of the Life Force. Something new

is gushing through hidden caverns

in the deep recesses of you.

The birthing to come may seem terrible

for a moment

as all you have known falls away,

as the power of evolution

takes shape in your loins.

You might grab hold of whatever is near

when it feels like you are falling

into an unknown world.

But no handhold will be secure,

for letting go is the prelude

to your emerging life.

Your smaller self can no longer contain

the shining forth which is coming,

the beautiful, bifurcated wings unfolding.

Only an angel companion

has seen the radiance pulsing, and

can speak of God’s glory within you.

Only you

can say “yes” to the wild transformation

and let God be born again

in you.

Of course we don’t want to die

to all that we have known,

as the baby in the womb

fears leaving the security

of a warm and quiet place

to come out into a surprising world,

and trembles at having his cord cut,

losing his only known connection to life.

Being born into a new world

seems like death, the end,

but something else is coming

something expansive, vast, and free.

Something wild in us

a Life Force of incredible power

keeps ending what was

so that what-will-be is born.

This consent is a “yes” to death

which is really “yes” to birth.

It is a goodbye to the known

and a hello

to a wild and free unknown life.

It is “no” to stability

and “yes” to instability.

This consent says, “no more,” to living a small, constricted life,

and “yes, more” to growing an inner harvest.

A mystery is waiting to be born—

God birthing God’s very self

through us,

yet waiting for us, like for Mary,

to say, “Yes, may it be so.”

Something has to dissolve,

as in alchemy,

for a new substance to form.

Matter is not static

but is mysteriously evolving,

moving, maturing into a next form.

This consent is a willingness to step out

onto the next stepping stone

which we can’t yet even see.

This consent is about sacred faith.

Choose your own transformation

a death

a birth

with us.



About soulcare4u

I am the author of Monks in the World: Seeking God in a Frantic World, published by Wipf & Stock and available through Amazon.com; and of a blog on Wordpress.com, "A Contemplative Path." I serve as the founding spiritual director of The School for Contemplative Living (www.thescl.net), adjunct faculty of Loyola University, and as a pastoral counselor and spiritual director in private practice.
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