Your new life on the horizon

Physicists tell us the divine is at work

right now.

The Creator is birthing new stars and galaxies

somewhere out there.

But look into the heart of God and you will know

Creator wants to birth Herself or Himself

somewhere inside of you.


This is the Call,

the immensely personal question:

When you are finally ready,

will you say, “Yes, God

be born anew in me”?


The story of your next new birth will be like this:

You will step into the Cave of Unknowing

and be guided to sit in the darkness

and wait much too long,

(this part seems like forever),

until finally you vaguely make out a figure

sitting beside you

who might be the Christ,

and may be the next new you

forming in the silent darkness.

In that quiet place

you will come to know, beyond belief,

that you and Christ are one.


Then, from somewhere in the deep of you,

a fearful and courageous voice will arise

and you will speak your consent,

“Yes, be born anew in me.”


In that very moment

your transformation speeds up.

Sparks fly off you

as Spirit chips off the rough and rocky edges—

the old patterns you are now ready to release.


As a divine sculptor at work

Spirit is making something beautiful:

something very human and very divine,

a brand-new incarnation,

the next new you.


You stand up

and walk to the Cave’s entrance

and look out into unbearable light.

Throngs of radiant beings are coming over the hills

toward you.

Celebration is in the air,

and celestial sounds you have never heard

fill your ears.

The scented freshness of spring fills your nostrils.

Your own body feels ecstatic, alive, and new.

Energy is pulsing through you.

By intuition

you know the same energy

is pulsing in all the throng.


You step forward

as All Beings form a giant circle around a Center.

God, Jesus, and Spirit are in the Center

dancing with delight and inviting everyone to join in.

A symphony of song begins

and you begin to weep

as all your old sorrows fall away;

and you begin to laugh

as all your fondest joys return;

and you suddenly join in the chorus

of all languages at once

singing, “Alleluia” over and over!


Now you know

everything else is temporary.

This oneness of All Beings singing

is your everlasting Home.

You have entered the kingdom of heaven.


Here is the part

where I offer you some warnings:

in your next, new incarnation

things will not be the same.

And you might not recognize yourself

at first.


If you are female

you might now look like the new statue

of a girl standing unafraid

with her hands on her hips

before the giant bronze bull on Wall Street.


If you are male

you could now resemble a humble Buddha

sitting in serene contentment

no longer seeking to win,

and surprisingly disinterested in acquiring power or status.


For all of you,

the dream for your life—

which you have always suppressed

and hid away in secret—

will now become your actual life.

New ways of being in the world

will become your ways.


The voiceless will find your voice.

Talkers will finally learn to listen,

to really listen.

All kinds of artists

will be popping up everywhere

as Creator Spirit dances freely!


Your eyes will be transformed

and you will welcome the one you see in the mirror,

and quietly cherish you in your heart.

You will also discover each person you meet

as a long-lost sister or brother.


This is how your story unfolds:

When you are born anew,

which is to say,

when you tell God, “Yes,

be born anew in me,”

you will see and enter the kingdom of God.

Your new life on the horizon

begins now.



About soulcare4u

I am the author of Monks in the World: Seeking God in a Frantic World, published by Wipf & Stock and available through; and of a blog on, "A Contemplative Path." I serve as the founding spiritual director of The School for Contemplative Living (, adjunct faculty of Loyola University, and as a pastoral counselor and spiritual director in private practice.
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